Isere. An “anti-crisis” menu to bring customers back to the restaurant

Her coffees, she always drinks them in pairs. Perhaps to restore courage in this period that she considers a little gloomy. Bedria Miscoria runs the Maé et Ema restaurant in Rochetoirin. In its large room, the walls are adorned with a colorful decor like its cuisine, made up of Creole and Ethiopian dishes, entirely homemade “even the bread!” »

Since the end of September, the chef has made a decision that she did not imagine some time ago. She lowered the price of her daily menu, and not just a little. The starter, main course, dessert goes from 17.90 euros to… 12.90 euros. A menu that she describes as “anti-crisis”. “Between 2021 and 2022, in the same month of September, I lost around 65% of my clientele. It is enormous. Customers are really scarce. The maddening inflation got the better of its customers’ catering budgets. “A meal at a restaurant is the first thing that is sacrificed in a budget. The priority, and this is normal, is to put…

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