Is your dog’s name in the top 10 most popular in 2022?

In 2022, the ten most popular names are Nala, Rio, Simba, Snow, Ruby, Rocky, Sky, Luna, Maya and Lucky, according to a study and a survey of 1,500 French dog owners.

The owners who complied with the recommendation of the LOF (Book of French origins) which fixes each year the first letter of the name of purebred dogs, namely the “T” this year, preferred Titan, Titus, Tempête, Toby and Treasure. With, in novelty, Tartine, Tulipe and Typhoon.

Marvel universe, world of football, favorite dishes…

Others have decided to link two of their passions. Thus, since this year, dogs will certainly seek the ball under the names of William, Pogba, Neymar and Raphaël.

Cooking fans have chosen Chicken, Nutmeg, Chives and Roquefort in 2022. With other names that remain popular such as Macaron, Biscuit, Chocolat, Croquette or Bonbon.

We also find Marvel with in particular Bruce, Hulk, Peter, Thor or Odin.

5% spend more time choosing their dog’s name than their child’s

The survey also revealed that the majority of French people (60%) wait to have met their pet before giving it a name.

5% admit to spending more time choosing their dog’s name than their child’s. And beware, no question of changing it for 97% of respondents.


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