Is sleeping with my dog ​​or cat good or bad?

Many people choose to sleep with their dog or cat. The desire to have them near them, the adoration they feel for them and the mutual affection that exists prevent them from refusing to rest next to their animal. This is a detail that helps strengthen the relationship between pets and their owners, but some doubts remain about the really positive nature of this practice.

On cold nights, sleep with a dog or cat is also very attractive because of the warmth it brings. Still, you need to consider all the pros and cons of sleeping with a dog, to decide whether it is desirable to continue sleeping like this. To know if it is bad to sleep with a dogwhat are the advantages and disadvantages, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Is it good or bad to sleep with your dog or cat ?

Do you usually sleep with your dog or your cat ? It’s not a bad thing if a number of conditions are met. If your little companion is healthy, free of parasites and completely clean, there is no risk. However, daily walks in the street can cause it to accumulate dirt, and even catch diseases.

To be able to sleep with your dog, you have to prevent him from getting sick and therefore it is not good for him to sleep with you in bed. You must therefore visit the veterinarian at least twice a year (every 6 months), follow the vaccination schedule and carry out regular internal and external deworming.

Also, it is important to give your baby a monthly bath. dog or your cat and to brush its coat to eliminate or prevent possible parasites. It is also recommended that you clean your dog or cat’s paws each time you return from your walks. We explain how to do it in our post: “How to take care of the paws of my dog“.

What are the benefits of sleeping with your dog or cat?

1 Helps reduce blood pressure:

According to an article published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine (1), it can be said that there is a causal relationship when you share your bed with a dog or cat on blood pressure. Indeed, it is really improved. It is essential for rest and sleep.

2 Feeling of security:

Another advantage of sleeping next to your four-legged friend is the feeling of protection. By turning it off, you will sleep with a greater sense of security. In addition, for those who are particularly sensitive to any type of noise, it is very positive, because the company of a dog or cat gives you more confidence.

3 Reduce your anxiety and increase your happiness

The dogs feel happy when they are in contact with their family members or when they are close to them. As a result, they release serotonin, a substance known as the happiness hormone. Sleeping with them can make them feel safer and happier. Sharing a bed is therefore a great way to make them happy.

How to sleep with your dog or cat in bed

To take advantage of all the advantages of sleeping with your dog or cat in their bed and neutralize the negative aspects, here are some tips:

– Don’t let him get into bed right after a walk.

– Clean each of its paws so that dirt from the street does not end up on the sheets.

– Check daily that your little companion has no parasites.

– Brush his fur frequently to prevent him from leaving dead hair on the bed.

– Take all necessary precautions when sleeping with puppies who tend to wet the bed.

– Always place your dog or cat at the end of the bed to avoid crushing it by involuntary movements during your sleep.

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