Is Joe Biden senile?

The topic of the day. 80 years old, Joe Biden is the oldest White House resident in US history. A seniority far from going unnoticed. Accustomed to blunders, the Democrat, who could run again in 2024, challenges the Americans as well as his own camp, despite real political successes. If the labor market has been experiencing a historic rebound for 50 years, the treacherous sequences enamel the image of the American head of state.

“Where are we going ?” had he asked under the eye of the cameras, Monday, October 24, 2022. Joe Biden was in the gardens of the White House to plant a tree, in honor of the 50 years of work of the gardener of the residence of the president . As disoriented, the American president walks away for a short moment before returning to his team, asking which way to take to return to his private quarters.

In September 2022, the latter had addressed in a speech devoted to the fight against obesity and food insecurity, to Jackie Walorski, a deceased Republican parliamentarian in August in a car accident. The controversy did not take long to swell. The images are prized by social networks which ignite, fueling various problems and physical and mental health charges by Joe Biden.

Potiche or still senile man, Washington has no shortage of adjectives for discredit the man at the head of the free world. Clumsiness, more and more numerous, are the subject Republican jokes. Among the critics looms the mocking shadow of Donald Trump. The billionaire called his Democratic opponent a “Sleepy Joe” (“Sleeping Joe”) during presidential campaigns in 2020.

Singled out for his sometimes difficult speeches, Joe Biden has repeatedly spoken about his stuttering which he suffered as a child. He was a victim of two strokes, a pulmonary embolism and a venous thrombosis deep. Doubt hangs over his possible candidacy for the presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

Why are we talking about it ? Is Joe Biden really senile? Can he run for president in 2024? Are Americans right to fear for their president’s health?

Quote. “The fact that he is an aging and tired man is of concern to everyone. There is a majority among Democratic voters who would like to have another candidate for 2024. To say that he is senile and that he does not control his thinking more, I think that all the same, we don’t have enough elements to say it”, Nicole Bacharan, Franco-American political scientist, specialist in American society.

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