Is it really a good idea to sleep with your cat? All answers here

This constantly gave rise to discussions with conflicting opinionsso doubts about whether sleeping with a cat is okay or not still linger today.

However, it must be said that this practice has certain advantages for our health and improves our bond with our pets, but it can also have disadvantages and above all increase the risk of contracting diseases.

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What are the advantages of sleeping with our cat?

Anyone who calls themselves a cat lover knows that sleeping with our cats has positive aspects :

The bond between our cat and us is strengthened, at the same time as the purr and the warmth of our animal can relax our nervous system, which can facilitate falling asleep.

According to the general opinion, cats can promote inner peace and calmand certain playful attitudes of our feline can have a positive influence on our health, helping it to start the day in a good mood.

Cats who sleep with their master have a more affectionate behavior, which directly translates into better cohabitation.

Disadvantages of sleeping with a cat

Sleeping with a cat also has its drawbacks, and it is precisely these reasons that lead you to wonder if sleeping with a cat is a bad thing, so be aware of the following risk:

If you have accustomed your cat to sleep with you since he was a baby, but when he reaches adulthood you prefer to sleep in his own bed, this can cause him enormous stress. Indeed, he does not know why he is brutally rejected. So if you want to teach him to sleep in his own bed, use positive reinforcement.

Before adopting a cat, always think about where he will sleep. The ideal is to place it on a bed or an anti-stress pillow like those you can find at Animal Lovers.

While for some owners it’s the secret to a good night’s sleep, for others it can be a real problem: scratching, jerking, lots of hair, interrupted sleep cycles, etc.

If you have performed proper preventative medicine on your kitten, the risk of illness should be low. Otherwise, it can cause certain diseases, some more dangerous than others, where children, pregnant women and immunocompromised people are most susceptible.

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Tips for sleeping safely with cats

Sleeping with a cat involves certain risks (which we can minimize with the right cat pillow, an excellent alternative), but it must also be said that it is not a bad idea, provided you follow the following tips:

Avoid letting him out without our supervisionbecause it could catch certain diseases, be infected by parasites, fight with other cats, etc.

You must maintain a brushing routine, preferably daily (although you can do it every other day), in order to remove hair, detect diseases, parasites and skin diseases. One more tip: don’t forget to examine your cat between and inside his ears, on his neck, armpits and groin.

Visit the vet regularly to keep your cat healthyand follow their regular vaccination and deworming schedule.

Clean all the rooms in your house to reduce the presence of hair on your bed, sheets and pillows.

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