Iran tests combat drones, US fears deliveries to Russia

DUBAI, Aug 24 (Reuters) – Iran on Wednesday launched military drills to test combat and reconnaissance drones, Iranian media reported, amid concerns that the United States could deliver such devices to the Russia for the war in Ukraine.

The maneuvers, which are expected to last two days, involve 150 drones and will take place along the Gulf coastline and across much of Iranian territory, according to Iranian television.

The country’s air defenses and “electronic warfare” capabilities will also be tested against an attack by fictitious enemy drones.

Iran, which has developed a large arms industry despite international sanctions, and its regional allies have increasingly used drones in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the Strait of Hormuz in recent years. .

The United States suspects Iran of preparing deliveries of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine, which was denied by the Iranian foreign minister in July during a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart.

(Dubai editorial report; French version Diana MandiĆ”)


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