iPhone market share overtakes Android in US

According to a Counterpoint study taken up by the Financial Times, iPhones represented more than 50% market share in terms of sales in the United States in June 2022. The feat is a first since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, quickly followed by a surge of Android smartphones – which soon reached the majority of smartphone sales worldwide.

In all markets, in July 2022 (Statista figures), Android smartphones accounted for 71.47% market share compared to 27.88% for iPhones. By passing just above 50% market share in the United States, Apple has achieved a real feat. Because in volume, the firm has never sold so many smartphones in the country.

iPhones are becoming the most popular smartphones in the United States… and in the world?

It should be noted, however, that the Counterpoint figures aggregate the “active iPhone user base” which is not restricted to new smartphone sales: second-hand iPhone sales are also taken into account. Apple had never really exceeded 50% market share in the United States, despite the dazzling success of the first iPhone.

iPhone sales have indeed a time approached 50% market share, but at the time other players were resisting, in particular Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola. Sales of Android smartphones exceeded 50% market share in the United States at the turn of 2010 – only two years after the first models were marketed.

Since then, iPhones have maintained a relatively stable market share, while the rest has gradually been conquered by the Android ecosystem. We note that in the world, since 2017, the market share of the iPhone is progressing slowly but surely against Android. According to Statista, in 2017, iPhone sales accounted for around 20% of sales compared to 77% for Android smartphones.

According to the latest Statista figures for July 2022, the iPhone market share was around 28% compared to 71.47% for Android smartphones. Of course the American market has its specificities: iPhones have long been more represented there than elsewhere. Nevertheless, this development is anchored in a more global trend.

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Especially since if we only look at the Premium segment, Apple remains, with its iPhones, the undisputed leader in sales with 57% market share worldwide.

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