invited by Joe Biden to the White House, Barack Obama revives a tradition

Alexis Guilleux (US correspondent), edited by Romain Rouillard
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8:16 p.m., September 07, 2022

Former US President Barack Obama was invited by Joe Biden to the White House. He thus revived a tradition broken by Donald Trump: the presentation of official portraits. The two men know each other well since Joe Biden was Obama’s vice-president during his tenure.

Barack Obama is back in the White House. The former American president was invited by Joe Biden to reconnect with an old tradition broken by Donald Trump: that of the presentation of official portraits.

Normally, the former presidential couple is received at the White House by the current tenants of the presidential residence, in order to unveil the official portraits which are then hung on the wall. A way to overcome partisan divisions, to show respect for alternation and continuity of power.

Forget the deep divisions of America

A protocol that Donald Trump had not wished to respect. The Republican had even gone even further by moving the portraits of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush from the entrance hall of the White House to a small room in the presidential residence.

This Wednesday’s ceremony therefore marks a kind of return to normal, ten years after the reception of George and Laura Bush by the Obama couple. A way also to forget for a time the deep divisions of America, because the next on the list is called Donald Trump. However, today it seems impossible to imagine Joe Biden receiving his predecessor. The billionaire is “a threat to the Republic”, said the president last week.

On Tuesday, the spokeswoman for the White House did not respond to a question asked about the possibility of an invitation from Donald Trump to Washington.

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