increase in arms trafficking from the United States to Haiti

Seizures have multiplied in recent months and the caliber of firearms illegally sent to Haiti is increasing, reports the Miami Herald. It’s on the front page of the website of the agency Alterpressbut also newspaper Le Nouvellistewhich publishes an article calling on Haiti to cooperate with the United States to curb firearms smuggling.

Reactions to a long report by Jacqueline Charles, in the Miami Herald. ” Here’s How U.S. Gun Laws and Ports in South Florida Are Helping to Fuel Gang Violence in Haiti », headlines the Miami daily. Seizures have increased and US authorities are concerned about the rise in the number and caliber of firearms being sent to Haiti, where gang violence has escalated since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the last year. The newspaper specifies that the traffickers use nominees to buy weapons in Florida and resell them up to 20 times more expensive in Haiti and in other countries of the Caribbean. There is no traceability concerning ammunition buyers, further specifies the Miami Herald.

Gang violence seeps into Haitian hospitals

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