in Touraine, crucial online notes for restaurants

After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourists are back in Indre-et-Loire. In the streets of Tours, there are many, every day, looking for a place to eat. In their quest, the customer reviews left on the platforms TripAdvisor, TheFork (LaFourchette), or with the Google search engine, often allow them to decide. They not only compare menus and prices, but also ratings and comments posted online by other users before them. These opinions make it possible to decide between the restaurants with people, only passing through Tours.

The restaurant war

I think that below four out of five stars, the restaurant is automatically eliminated. And between four and five, we let instinct speak“, admits Lucas. Originally from the Parisian suburbs, he spends a few days of vacation in Touraine with several friends. By browsing the various comments on the Internet, the group finally decided to have lunch at “La Table de Justine”. This bistro is part of of the best-rated restaurants in Tours, on the TripAdvisor site. In summer, Stéphane Nakache, the boss, sees his clientele double with around thirty covers per service. “Since they are rather positive, customer reviews attract us a significant clientele. We don’t really need to advertise otherwise“, recognizes the manager.

According to the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention, 81% of opinions published on the Internet are positive, with a score of four or five out of five. Only 10% of them have ratings of one or two out of five. Negative reviews are therefore rarer, and sometimes fraudulent. Stéphane Nakache is wary of certain comments which would have been left by competitors. “One day, ICame across a group of trolls once. VSwere people who didn’t even come into the restaurant. Usually, I have one or two comments every fortnight. There, in one night, I had 22 negatives. I replied and then I tried to contact Google to have the reviews removed, but it’s very complicated. Luckily, this didn’t have too much of an effect on the restaurant’s overall storefront.

Five star goal

Other restaurateurs interviewed in rue Colbert prefer not to pay too much attention to customer reviews. They focus on the map. “I do not care. I don’t look, and I don’t answer either. As long as we do our job properly, that we don’t lie to customers, there’s no reason for things to go wrong.“, details Franck Garaud, owner of the restaurant “Le Petit Patrimoine”.

At the entrance to rue Colbert, “La Crêperie Bilien” has been a resounding success on the Internet since its opening last year. “In the vast majority of cases, the reviews are very positive. We are rated five stars. We are happy because we know that it is very busy, especially with tourists. As many of us offer the same types of dishes in the area, we know that opinions can help decide…“, explains chef Mathias Bilien.

The few negative reviews help to further improve the quality of service. In any case, this is what Mona, one of the waitresses, admits. “There was a very bad review once because I had taken my cigarette break next to customers. It is true that there are customers who do not appreciate that we smoke in front of them. Now we go a little further…The criticism was legitimate…and the customers are kings!”

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