In the US, Intel will need 7,000 people to build its new mega-factory

Intel is expected to start construction of the site at the end of this year.


To build its largest production plant of semiconductorsthe American company Intel will need about 7000 people. This is the estimate made by Associated Press for this project which will be implemented in theOhioto United States.

Insufficient manpower

While according to the source, not all 7,000 people will be employed at the same time, local authorities in Ohio say the state currently does not have as many workers. A situation attributable to the multiple construction projects already underway in the area, including a new Hilton hotel, a bioproduction plant, or the data centers of Google and Amazon. The insufficient manpower induced by these various projects could slow down that of Intel. However, the firm remains confident.

“One of the main reasons Intel chose Ohio (for this project) is access to the region’s strong workforce. Carrying out this project will not be without obstacles, but we are convinced that there is sufficient demand for these jobs to be filled.”, the California-based chipmaker said in a statement. To ensure that it achieves its goal, Intel “will build on the experience gained from its previous national and international semiconductor factory projects. »

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A key project for Intel and the United States

Intel says its project in Ohio, the first in that state, will be “the largest silicon manufacturing site on the planet”. In its initial phase, the site will cover approximately 400 hectares, with two factories that will employ at least 3,000 people. Later, however, Intel plans to double the size of the site (from two to eight factories) and invest a hundred billion dollars in it.

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According to Intel’s projections, production of semiconductors at the site should begin in 2025. This deadline was revealed in January 2022, on the sidelines of the announcement of the project. At the time, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said: “Intel’s efforts will help build a more resilient supply chain and ensure reliable access to advanced semiconductors for years to come. »

As a reminder, Joe Biden, the President of the first economic power, signed earlier this month the CHIPS and Science Act, a major bill covering the semiconductor sector. This signature aligns with the ambition of the United States to return to the race for semiconductors, in a context where China continues to take the lead. The document should also help accelerate projects such as Intel’s in Ohio.


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