In the United States, three years of difficulty repaying student debt

I started 2021 exhausted, like everyone else. The permanent uncertainty linked to Covid-19, the explosive atmosphere of our country, all crowned by three consecutive years of an obstacle course to get out of debt. After graduation, I set myself the ambitious goal of paying off my $65,000 as quickly as possible. [65 000 euros] debts, consisting mainly of student loans.

“But why put yourself through this?” any normally constituted person would wonder.

Let me start from the beginning. In 2018, I was a reporter for a local newspaper earning $35,000 a year. I had just graduated from Arizona State University, a degree that had cost me an arm and a leg, with nearly 50,000 dollars to pay off. My pay, of course, was spent as soon as it arrived in my account. And after making ridiculous payments to pay off my student loans for a year, I hadn’t progressed an inch.

As the genius wrote in essence [autrice afro-américaine] Maya Angelou, “I was tired of being tired”. I wanted to regain financial freedom and even be able to put some money aside – a bit optimistic for a broke 24-year-old woman. I had big ambitions but no idea how to achieve them.

I started by reading the book The Total Money Makeover. A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness [“Tout changer. Le bon plan pour se remettre à flot”], by Dave Ramsey, in 2018. A friend, whom I will never thank enough, had told me about Ramsey and his method of small steps and lent me a copy of this book. His advice is a little extreme, to say the least, but at least I was on the go.

Two jobs and side jobs

The method is very simple. It suffices to reduce his lifestyle to a minimum and, with the money he

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USA Today (McLean (USA))

Launched in 1982, it is the country’s only national daily, with The Wall Street Journal. Nicknamed the “CNN of the written press”, this popular title nevertheless offers quality articles, sometimes ahead of the major newspapers. USA Today is without doubt the daily newspaper that provides the best insight into the current issues in which Americans are interested. The Opinion page has the advantage of systematically offering a column defending a position opposed to that of the editorial staff.

Created in 1995, the site offers Internet users all the articles published in the paper version. Addressing a generation of readers accustomed to obtaining information through images, the site managers have set up a video space intended to dynamically illustrate the texts on offer. On the home page, the menu has the particularity of changing according to the number of clicks by internet users on such and such a section.

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