In the United States, the iPhone 14 becomes SIM-less but not seamless

After the headphone jack, the SIM card drawer. “eSIM support has skyrocketed”explained Kaiann Drance presenting the iPhone 14, so “For the first time, all models distributed in the United States will be without a SIM slot. » “You will no longer have to worry about the SIM card”continues the vice-president responsible for marketing the iPhone, ” it’s easier “. Nothing is less sure.

Kaiann Drance announces the disappearance of physical SIM cards on iPhones sold in the United States. Apple/iGeneration image.

Although the size of SIM cards continued to reduce at the beginning of the century, in particular under the impetus of Apple, the extreme miniaturization of connected devices motivated the dematerialization of the subscriber identification module. the SIM embedded, or eSIM, is just a piece of software installed in a secure component, a kind of virtual SIM card.


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