In the United States, the first climate refugees appear



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Climate refugees are on the rise in the United States. After huge floods, Louisiana had to relocate victims more than 60 kilometers from their homes.

Around the only road that leads to the Amerindian territory of the island of Jean Charles, in Louisiana, the inexorable rising waters will make the territory uninhabitable. On a still emerged part of the bayou, we find the house of Chris Brunet. He is 57 years old and has always lived here, but now everything is different. In front of his house, he put up a sign where he wrote: “Climate change sucks“.

What I have seen evolve is the erosion around the island. There are so many trees that have died due to salt water intrusion. This is something that has really changed a lot. On our land, right here, there were 15 trees when I was little. They are no longer here today“, he worries. Chris was forced to move. The signing of the deed of ownership of his new house did not go unnoticed: he is one of the first American climate refugees.

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