In the United States, the Democrats regain hope before the midterm elections

In one summer, the turnaround is spectacular. At the end of June, in the United States, the Democratic base was lamenting, while the Republican Party seemed won over by euphoria. Inflation reached a level not seen in forty years (+9.1%). The Supreme Court sent the country back half a century, by removing abortion as a constitutional right. The projections for the Democrats were taking on the darkest hues, ahead of the midterm elections in November. Two months later, however, the president’s party has regained hope, both thanks to Joe Biden and in spite of him.

The astonishment passed, the decision of the Supreme Court on abortion has aroused a mixture of anger and mobilization in the electorate, in particular among independents, women and within the black community. She recalled the extent of the reactionary wave that was rising, while the ruling party in the United States usually struggles to mobilize its supporters during this “midterm” election.

Registrations on the electoral lists experienced an unusual rebound, as in Kansas, where a majority rejected in early August, in a highly commented referendum, a text which would have paved the way for the ban on abortion in this State. In a study by the Pew Research Center, published on August 23, the number of voters qualifying voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) as an essential subject rose from 43% to 56%, compared to March. This figure even jumped from 46% to 71% among Democrats.

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Even Joe Biden’s popularity curve, at its lowest in July, is rising to less alarming levels. In the latest Gallup study, 44% support his action, thanks in particular to a return from independent voters. The continued decline in gasoline prices is a relief – inflation was 8.5% in July.

Biden inherited a fractured America

Nevertheless, a sort of mismatch between the presidential image and the new democratic dynamic remains. It leads the candidates, in the field, to wonder about the need to claim its sponsorship and its action. Some prefer to focus on polarizing or local themes, to train the base. Others are overzealous. “Look at what President Biden has done for our country, launched Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, on CNN. He was exceptional. Look what he did for the world. »

Joe Biden inherited a fractured America, under permanent tension, whose democracy almost wavered. He was elected in contrast to Donald Trump, to restore a form of serenity and decency in the exercise of power. But he also had sweeping reform ambitions, while commanding the shortest of Senate majorities (50-50, with the deciding vote of Vice President Kamala Harris).

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