In the United States, the black market for abortion pills is growing

Since the judgment of the Supreme Court which repealed the Roe vs. Wade last June, paving the way for an abortion ban in the American states that want it, the demand for abortion pills is constantly increasing in the country.

“Dozens of websites claim they can ship it anywhere in the United States without even having to show a prescription, which violates Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules,” the United States Medicines Agency, reports the wall street journal.

What’s more, no one really knows “Who is behind these sites and where do the pills sold in the US market come from and are sometimes charged up to $500 a box?” highlights the financial daily.

Foreign-based websites

Among the websites on which the wall street journal Investigated figure for example, a platform based in Kazakhstan which claims to sell abortion pills made in China, Russia or Vietnam. The Vietnamese pills are produced by the pharmaceutical laboratory Stellapharm JV Co., which claims to sell this product only in Vietnam and is unaware that it is also offered by Medside.

Two molecules, mifepristone and misoprostol, are used for medical abortion and authorized by the FDA up to ten weeks of pregnancy, recalls the American daily. “Websites that claim to be able to ship abortion pills without a prescription are selling products that have not been cleared by the FDA.”

Health risks

This is enough to worry doctors and health authorities. Some experts fear that these sites sell placebos and point out that they do not provide sufficient information or medical support to women, which raises “the risk, for example, of these pills being delivered too late to be used effectively”.

As one of the FDA spokespersons points out in the newspaper columns:

“These drugs that bypass regulatory pathways may be contaminated or counterfeit, may contain incorrectly dosed or underdosed active ingredients or any other unlisted ingredient.”

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