In the United States, sixty Meta employees fired by an algorithm

The future, according to Meta? The newspaper Business Insider reveals, this Friday, August 19, that the firm of mark zuckerberg parted ways with sixty employees, just days after Apple launched a wave of layoffs. Orwellian Fact: The people Meta parts ways with were chosen by an algorithm.

The affected contractors are employed by Accenture, a consulting firm, in their Austin office. The firm struck a nearly half-billion-dollar-a-year deal to staff Meta with content moderation and business integrity workers.

always according to Business Insider, the layoffs were announced during a videoconference on Tuesday. To a worker who asked how layoffs were determined, Accenture executives said an algorithm picked people at random and gave no specific reason why employees’ jobs were being cut.

Apple, Tesla and Netflix

In June, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Meta would “turn up the heat” to weed out employees unable to meet set goals. “In reality, there’s probably a bunch of people in the business who shouldn’t be there,” he said. “Particularly I hope that by raising expectations, setting bigger goals and ratcheting up the pressure a bit, some of you will decide this is not the place for you, and I agree with this self-selection,” he warned.

This news comes a week after Apple laid off around 100 human resources contractors. Tesla also plans to make headcount cuts, and Netflix has cut 450 jobs since May.

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