In the United States, PayPal already supports passkeys

PayPal already supports passkeys in the United States. An option that should arrive in early 2023 in France.

PayPal began rolling out passkeys to users in the United States, the same day Apple introduced the technology to its computers and tablets with macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16. enter their identifiers, to be able to pay even more quickly.

PayPal already compatible with passkeys in the United States

PayPal explains that the option will first be available to users on iPhone, iPad and Mac, but that other platforms will be supported later. Google rolled out passkeys for Android and Chrome earlier this month and will release a stable version and API for native Android apps later this year. PayPal will also make passkeys available in other countries, including France, in early 2023.

An option that should arrive in early 2023 in France

Passkeys use your biometric data to authenticate you, but the process is different from fingerprint or facial recognition to automatically fill in fields on login forms. With passkeys, you become the identifier. When you activate the option for an app, a pair of crypto keys is created, associated with your account. One of these keys is public, it is kept by apps and services to confirm your identity. The other is private and is only stored on your devices, so hackers can’t steal them if they break into the servers of the apps you use. Apps and services that support passkeys then compare the public key they have with your private key to make sure it’s really you logging in.

You can activate the feature by logging into your account from a desktop or mobile browser – with your username and password – and choosing “Create a passkey”. Once authenticated via Apple Face ID or Touch ID, your passkey will be generated automatically. And since the passkeys are synced with iCloud Keychain, the process only needs to be done once. If you log into your account on another device that does not yet have a passkey, you will be able to generate a QR Code after entering your username. You can scan this QR Code with a passkey compatible iPhone to log in.

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