In the United States, a truck overturns its load of vibrators and blocks the highway

There are some accidents that you notice more than others. The one that happened on September 14 on an American highway, near Oklahoma City, is of this caliber. That day an imposing semi-trailer overturned, spilling its precious cargo in its fall. Its content? Hundreds of vibrators.

The scene was even partly captured by the Oklahoma 4 TV and News 9 channels. From a distance, we only see the boxes scattered all over the floor, and the commentator, slightly surprised, does not really seem able to tell. decipher the content. Fortunately, the journalists of conducted their little investigation (it would have been too stupid to miss that).

By digging, the American media managed to clarify this strange affair: no doubt, it was indeed dildos and vibrators that were transported in the back of this semi-trailer. One pink model stands out in particular, some examples of which are scattered on the road, outside their box. Journalists have even found – just in case – its price: 39.95 dollars (about 40 euros). To accompany these sex toys, a few tubes of lubricants have also sneaked away.

The story could have ended there. But that would have been far too easy. The cargo didn’t just spill out: it literally blocked one of the I-40 off-ramps for several hours while a crew came to clean up the mess. Fortunately, the impressive accident caused no injuries, neither on the driver’s side nor on the motorist’s side. Thanks God(michet)!

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