in South Dakota, Republicans in all their states

Sometimes a vacation can turn into a permanent departure. Becky Gee did not expect such an upheaval in 2020 when she moved away from her native Ohio to discover South Dakota. Of course, she had heard of Mount Rushmore, that beloved American landmark in the hills of the Black Hills, depicting four presidential faces carved into rock. But what charmed this cheerful 36-year-old woman, prompting her, a few months later, to settle in the heart of the Midwest, was a wind of freedom. “South Dakota saved me from the pandemic. I’m claustrophobic, I can’t stand having something covering my mouth. » The freedom not to be masked was offered to him by the authorities of this conservative state, whose population – 895,000 inhabitants – does not appreciate the constraints and the rules enacted in Washington.

Becky Gee was looking for a “stress-free life”, where ” nobody “ tell her what to do. She rented a van, loaded up everything she could and hit the road. She found an apartment in Lake Norden, a small town in the east of the state, not far from the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation. First employed on a farm, she now works in a factory manufacturing parts for tractors. She has achieved a form of personal balance. In the morning, before going out, she watches the Fox News and Newsmax channels a little, which set the tone for the right. On weekends, she likes to cross all of Dakota from east to west to join her horse, raised in rocky and majestic landscapes, as well as her current companion. On her Facebook page, she publishes photos of deep skies, bison, roads. Political rallies, too.

Because Becky Gee has been a fervent supporter of Donald Trump since his election in 2016. She is a member of the Front Row Joes, an informal organization bringing together the most motivated Trumpists, those who want to occupy the front rows of meetings. She followed thirty-five of them, often spending ten hours behind the wheel, always in a good mood despite her fatigue. The young woman has found a circle of friends there, thanks to social networks. They arrive three days before the doors open, sleep in their cars or on the ground, snack, laugh and tell each other their lives. And then, they confirm their suspicions.

“It was funny at first”

Covid-19? “It didn’t appear out of nowhere, I think it came from a lab in China. There may have been an accident, but it is mainly used to increase the number of postal votes. Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election? “The media say he had more votes than Obama in his day! It’s impossible. The results were announced too quickly for there to be no fraud. At the end of the day, it’s the opinion of Trump supporters versus everyone else’s. » The January 6, 2021 assault on the Capitol ? ” I was there ! I stayed 400 meters from the building. I don’t believe it happened as they say. There were a lot of things staged by people pretending to be Trumpists, when we were there to peacefully protest. » We think we’ll corner her a little by pointing out that Trump got vaccinated, and claims it. “I don’t believe he is. There are pictures of Trump from every angle, in every moment of his life, but not at the time of the injection? It’s strange… ” On the other hand, Becky Gee believes in global warming. ” It’s obvious. When I was a kid, there was snow in Ohio. There is none left. »

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