In Salé, anger against stray dogs lands in court

By Khalil Rachdi on 09/12/2022 at 11:31 p.m.

Kiosk360. Threatened by stray dogs, a woman filed a complaint with the Salé court of first instance. This article is a press review of the daily Al Akhbar.


The city of Salé is faced with the spread of stray dogs, reports the daily Al Akhbar in its September 13 issue. Their barking, all night long, disturbs the inhabitants and prevents them from sleeping, especially those who live in residences close to empty spaces. These are indeed a home for stray dogs.

The disturbance caused by these hordes of stray dogs is not limited to continuous barking. Their presence in residential neighborhoods is also reflected in the scattering of garbage cans. Added to this is the persistent threat to the physical safety of citizens, especially since the bites of stray dogs can transmit serious diseases, and even cause the death of human beings.

Faced with this threat, a woman who had been surrounded by stray dogs outside the door of her house in Salé filed a complaint with the city’s court of first instance. In a testimony reported by the daily Al Akhbar, this woman says she suffered a difficult moment when she found herself surrounded by twenty dogs on her way to her house. When the dogs approached her, she said she feared for her life.

This woman is not the only one to have filed a complaint. Several residents of the city complain of the spread of stray dogs in the neighborhoods and alleys of Salé. According to testimonies collected by the Arabic-language newspaper, the number of stray dogs has multiplied in recent months, without the competent authorities intervening to put an end to the ordeal of the local population.

In this sense, recalls the daily Al Akhbar, several local associations have urged the competent authorities to intervene to find a solution to the spread of stray dogs, so that they no longer threaten the physical safety of the inhabitants. For its part, the municipal council ensures that the subject is at the center of its concerns, promising a lasting solution to the population of Salé.

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