In Saint-Malo, she abandons her dogs in the middle of summer on the balcony, without water and without food

When the police arrived, they found two dogs, staffies (staffordshire bull terrier), abandoned on a balcony, without water or food. ©Illustration Actu/ Le Journal des Sables / Association Mi-chien Mi-loup.

On August 21, 2021, police officers from the police station Saint Malo are contacted by a concerned neighbor: for several days, two dogsstaffies (staffordshire bull terrier), sabandoned on a nearby balcony.

No water, no food

It’s very hot, and they don’t have water or food.. The dogs are crying, scratching the bay window to get into the apartment.

Immediately, the public prosecutor made the decision to place the dogs in the Saint-Malo Animal Protection Society.

A year later, the mistress of the dogs is asked to explain herself to the courts. She was due to appear on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 before the Saint-Malo criminal court, for abandonment of animals.

“Animals are not personal property”

But she did not honor her presence.

The Saint-Malo Animal Protection Society makes its voice heard:

“Animals are not personal property, they have emotions, feelings, they suffer”, pleads Me Baron, who asks that the animals be confiscated and permanently entrusted to the association.

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Prohibition on keeping animals for 5 years

The prosecution is asking for a 5-month suspended prison sentence.

The defendant will finally be sentenced to 3 months suspended prison sentence. She is now banned from owning animals for 5 years. One of the dogs was given to a member of the mistress’s entourage. The other was definitively entrusted to the association. A family is already waiting for him to adopt him.


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