In Puerto Rico, the repeated nightmare of “second-class citizens” of the United States

“An avalanche of red tape and waste of time hit Puerto Rico long before Hurricane Fiona,” denounces The Washington Post as the title of an editorial. Since the passage of Fiona, on September 17 and 18, the inhabitants of the island have been experiencing a “nightmare” sadly “familiar”, as the poster on his side USA Today :

“Just five years after the high winds of Hurricane Maria devastated the island, killing thousands and plunging millions more into darkness for months, Puerto Ricans find themselves rescuing vulnerable residents, repairing homes and checking in on neighbors in the aftermath of yet another major storm.”

the washington post points out that “this new natural disaster in Puerto Rico highlights all the lessons that have not been learned”.

“Given the increasing likelihood of such storms with climate change, […] Maria should have served as a wake-up call on the cost of inaction and poor organization. Instead, the response to the hurricane proved disjointed, marred by partisan bickering in Washington, not to mention the incompetence of officials in Puerto Rico,” writes the newspaper of the American capital.

“Where did the money go ?”

While the president at the time

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