in Oregon, Swastika Mountain will soon change its name

While Swastika Mountain takes its name from a Hindu religious symbol, it may also be reminiscent of the Nazi swastika.

In the state of Oregon, in the United States, the Swastika mountain will soon have a name change, AP News reported this weekend. Because if it takes its name from a Hindu religious symbol, it can also recall the Nazi swastika.

The name of this summit comes from that of a town that no longer exists today and was taken from the owner of a ranch who put this symbol on his cattle, explained Kerry Tymchuk of the Oregon Historical Society to CNN. “It was at the very beginning of the 20th century, long before the symbol was associated with the Nazis and Hitler,” he added, noting that the breeder appreciated the meaning of the sign, which means “auspicious ” in Sanskrit.

It was 81-year-old Eugene resident Joy McClain who decided to take the necessary steps to change the name of the mountain after hearing about it in the local newspaper.

The final decision in December

Two proposals have been sent to the Oregon Geographic Names Board, the committee in charge of overseeing mountain names. That of Joy McClain, the Umpqua mountain, in reference to a river and a forest. And that of another person, whose identity is not known, Mount Halo, who is inspired by Chief Halo, of the Yoncalla Indian tribe.

Joy McClain finally indicated to CNN that she wanted to withdraw her proposal in favor of the one honoring the memory of Chief Halo, which seems to her fairer. The committee is due to meet in December to announce its final decision.

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