In Marchainville, their cat is shot in the garden: “We hardly dare to leave our house”

An investigation has been opened for an act of cruelty and serious harm to an animal. ©DR

Friday, September 2, after 7 p.m. Marie-Hélène Dall’o’ was petrified. While she was quietly at home with her husband in the middle of the afternoon, she heard a first detonation, then a second which came from the other side of the hedge, from the D11, in the place called Le Gué Hersant. The couple goes out quickly in the garden and sees, bruised, their cat.

It’s good “minette”, this 15 year old pussy who was the target of two shotgun blasts, in the direction of a dwelling. “She was in the driveway, but used to stand near a small space with water,” says her owner. The same evening, the couple takes the little feline, still alive, to the veterinarian.

“X-rays revealed the presence of 16 pellets. Only two could be removed, because the others entered too deeply, ”laments Marie-Hélène. Minette is tough, since she is lucky to still be alive, but her condition is worrying. “At her age, we don’t know how long she will be able to last. »

An open investigation

The next day, the couple also went to file a complaint with the Longny-lès-Village gendarmerie brigade to report the incident. The soldiers will come to their home to make some observations. For the Dall’o’ couple, there is no doubt, it was their cat that was targeted.

Minette, the 15-year-old cat, is in very bad shape after having received 16 pellets.
Minette, the 15-year-old cat, is in very bad shape after having received 16 pellets. ©DR

No silhouette, no vehicle was seen on the day of the tragedy. Above all, Marie-Hélène and her husband now fear being the target of a mad shooter. “We hardly dare leave our homes. Even if it’s adolescent stupidity, we wouldn’t like to take shots in our garden. Did someone intend to scare them? The couple claims to have never had any dispute with the neighborhood.

An investigation has been opened by the gendarmerie for an act of cruelty and serious abuse towards an animal. Four people have already been heard at the time of writing these lines. The culprit risks up to 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000.

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