In Landrévarzec, new dog attacks on sheep – Landrevarzec

“Tips, come on”, whistles Thomas

, a cap screwed on the head. His dog then runs down at full speed, paws full of mud, the small wooded path of the farm. “We just had it a few months ago. We educate her so that she can keep the herds later,” says Alice.

, his partner. It is around 9 a.m. and a scattered rain continues to fall on the land of Pays Glazik. Like every morning, Thomas and Alice walk around their farm, located in Landrévarzec, north of Quimper, to watch their animals scattered over several plots: ten rams, 80 ewes and 40 lambs. The routine of their job. But, that day, Finistère breeders were not as serene as usual. “Look, we can see that she is still limping a little,” points out Alice.

slaughtered beasts

A few days ago, on the night of November 5-6, their herd was the victim of an attack. “When I came to take my turn on Sunday morning, I first saw a sheep outside the electrified nets, says Thomas. Then I looked in the plot next door and saw that there was an animal that was no longer moving”. Approaching closer, he finds that it is open at the level of the thorax. A few meters further on, he discovers, still powerless, that another sheep is dead, with its throat slit.

But what happened? The nets are damaged, the herd is terrified. “We had about thirty limping animals. There must have been quite a mess. The animals must have tried to escape, getting their legs stuck in the nets,” said the breeder who, while waiting for the arrival of the veterinarian, provided first aid to his injured animals. ?The following days, two other sheep will succumb to their wounds. “The vet told us it was a canine attack,” Thomas said. Which, unfortunately, does not surprise him.

camera traps

A few weeks before this attack, a neighbor came to find him to tell him that three of his sheep had been killed by stray dogs. “We also had a dead ewe at that time but we did not make the link right away because we thought she had simply escaped from the plot”, continues the breeder, recalling that several herds in the country de Châteaulin have recently been victims of stray dog ​​attacks in recent months.

The day after the attack, Thomas approached the gendarmerie services but he has no material proof of the attack other than a photo taken a few days earlier by a neighbor showing two stray dogs chasing deer in through the fields of the sector. “We regularly find corpses”, confirm Thomas and Alice who intend to invest in camera traps soon and who hope that the necessary will be done quickly to prevent this from happening again. “It’s not so much for the financial aspect but it’s mainly the psychological side. We raise them, we see them grow. They are our beasts,” they say.The breeders have recently taken over a farm and wish to remain anonymous so as not to associate their new project with these attacks.

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