In Landerneau, a rain of postcards from the United States and the United Kingdom at the Mescoat – Landerneau college

As part of a work on the United Kingdom and the United States during their English lessons, the pupils of 4th A and 3rd A of the college of Mescoat, in Landerneau, launched, without much conviction, an appeal on the college’s social networks (Instagram and Facebook). Their objective ? Receive postcards from the four corners of these two countries. What was their surprise when, a week later, they received their first card, from England! Since then, every day, not far from ten cards arrive. To date, they have received more than 100.

Several lessons

During their three weekly English lessons, they discover one of these maps: they guess where it comes from, locate the town on a map, discover the content of the text for written comprehension work. This approach also allows students to become familiar with the format of the postcard, to discover stamps and to measure the scope of a message posted, in public, on social networks. Finally, in December, the students will have the task of preparing greeting cards to thank the senders of these cards. In english of course!

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