In Kathmandu, dog hotels are on the rise

Just a year ago, Suraj Maharjan and his family had to cancel their holidays because of their dog. “In their absence, no one could take care of their beloved dog, Pintu”, recount The Kathmandu Post in an article devoted to a new phenomenon in the Nepalese capital: dog hotels. This year, the Maharjan family will be able to leave quietly for Dashain, the biggest Hindu festival in Nepal. Pintu will be kept in a hotel with many other pets.

“Although dog hotels or daycares are common in developed countries, they are a relatively new phenomenon in developing countries,” highlighted The Kathmandu Post. “The practice has gradually gained ground in Nepal – although so far their popularity seems to be limited to Kathmandu – much to the relief of dog owners. The importance and relevance of these hostels has increased dramatically with the growing number of workers and families in the cities”, sign of lifestyle change and middle class development.

The quality of the services in question

According to the Nepal Veterinary Association, there are only half a dozen professional establishments based in Kathmandu, but many individuals also provide this service alongside their main activity. While most dog owners are delighted, others are concerned about the quality of the services offered.

“Chemjong, who owns a pug named Maila, believes that those who want to run a dog hostel should employ trained people who know the psychology of pets,” reports the English-speaking Nepalese daily. “I cannot fully trust these hotels, as many of them keep dogs in cages,” explains Chemjong.

“I have never left my dog ​​in such places, but I might change my mind if I find a trustworthy hotel.”

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