in Gujan-Mestras, a first license for Burger King canceled, but a second completely valid

This is an astonishing decision as Le Sélect, the former nightclub located in the leisure area of ​​Gujan-Mestras, has been demolished to make way for a Burger King restaurant. But these are two different projects.

Indeed, the license canceled by the administrative justice on October 20, is located on a cadastral parcel DT 74 located route des Lacs, south of the A 660. But the one located on the ground of the old discotheque remains quite valid fact.

It was the prefect who had attacked the first permit, arguing that the project, at a place called Les Bruyères, was not located in a continuity of agglomeration. And the judges had agreed with him in first and second instances: “The land on which the project is based is located away from the agglomerated areas of the municipality from which it is separated by a section of the A 660 motorway and by unbuilt plots located on the other side of this traffic lane. The surrounding sector is characterized by the presence of many natural spaces with very few built-up buildings, the nearest housing estates to the southeast being more than 900 meters away. »

Today, nothing remains of the old nightclub Le Sélect, the former Pacha Plage.


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