in Georgia, Democratic hopes put to the test of civil war – Liberation


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Midterms: 2022 US Midterm Electionscase

In the 2020 presidential election, Georgia had swung in favor of the Democrats, a revolution in the conservative south of the United States. To avoid another setback in the midterm elections, the Republican state government has further toughened its assault on minority suffrage.

From the parking lot of a convenience store to the city penitentiary, the procession moves slowly and painfully through the thick sweltering heat that oozes the old brick buildings of Sparta, Georgia, on this late summer day. Halfway, everyone will pose, fists raised, in front of a fresco in honor of John Lewis, the hero of the struggles for civil rights. And, on the way there and back, we will stop for a few minutes in the middle of the main crossroads of the town, to spread the fury and the slogans inspired by the death of Brianna Grier, 27, who fell from a car. police marching during his arrest.

There are local people there, relatives, relatives and neighbors of the deceased young woman. Activists from various progressive groups came from the metropolitan areas of Atlanta and Athens, both an hour and a half away. An imposing gentleman with a gentle gaze, who whispers to anyone who will listen that his son too, whose image he bears, was murdered by the police in Atlanta. A mute old man, with the silhouette of a stick insect so slender and slender that one would think he was on the verge of breaking at any moment, behind this complaint drawn by hand on his sign: “Help me, don’t kill me.” And then, in the middle of the cloud of T-shirts and placards demanding truth and justice for the one whose name the crowd has been chanting for two hours, sits this very different sign, bearing the image of the current Democratic candidate for governor. from Georgi…


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