In Erquelinnes (B), the SPA recovers an Anatolian shepherd in a state of extreme thinness

On Saturday, the authorities intervened in Erquelinnes, a Belgian border town of Jeumont, following a distress call. There they discovered a young Anatolian shepherd in an appalling state of thinness. The Charleroi SPA was able to recover the animal.

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Another 24 hours in this state, and it would have been too late. The Charleroi SPA was entrusted this weekend with a shepherd from Anataolie a little over two years old, seized in a house in Erquelinnes where the police also intervened following a report. The skin on the bones and assailed by parasites, the young dog weighed no more than 17 kg. “
For a healthy male at the same age, an Anatolian Shepherd should weigh nearly double
“, explains Franck Goffaux, president of the SPA.

Voluntary abandonment

In order to save the animal as quickly as possible, the teams on site negotiated with the owner to carry out a voluntary abandonment. ” Voluntary abandonment allows you to directly transfer the animal to us. The owner didn’t seem to be aware of the condition his dog was in, which is equally concerning.
“, continues Franck Goffaux.

Rickets, the Anatolian Shepherd is also infested with parasites. ” It will take several weeks for the beast to return to normal health. He is also on a strict diet, which only allows him to eat small amounts at a time, to prevent stomach upset.. »

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The SPA does not intend to stop there, and wants to prevent the owner from reoffending with another dog. Reason why a complaint was filed. ” Now that it is possible to withdraw this famous animal license, we will do what is in our power so that the owner can no longer own animals, at least for a while.
“says Franck Goffaux. The Anatolian shepherd will stay a few weeks in the premises of the association before being able to find a new family.

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