In Clermont-Ferrand, the master of aggressive dogs was not in order

She says she was panicked when she saw the dogs of the defendant, tried on Tuesday, September 13, before the Clermont-Ferrand criminal court, arriving by the stairs of the building and rushing at his beauceron: “I tried to separate, the male did not let go. My dog ​​was bleeding. I was screaming. He didn’t move.” Right at the helm, arms crossed, the Clermontoise seems to curb her anger.

She describes this attack which occurred on January 25, 2020, then another, in April. The second time, she fell trying to protect her dog. She is not the only one to complain about the defendant and his two dogs, never kept on a leash, never muzzled. In the neighborhood, a petition has circulated against this former homeless man who still lives between the street and an apartment. He assures him that his animals – a male and a female – “don’t attack like that”. The male Beauceron and Rottweiller cross is classified in the second category (guard and defense dog). He was “sincerely” unaware, he said, that he was categorized. That he should therefore have a certificate of aptitude. The town hall of Clermont, which issues the authorizations, had also given him formal notice to enter the nails. In vain…

Leash and muzzle

No leash, no muzzle. The master and his two hounds continued to worry the neighborhood. The situation has now changed, he says. He put himself in order: “I have a detention permit and I keep them on a leash all the time. As soon as I go out, I muzzle them. “Since 2020, assures his lawyer, Me Palamenghi, “nothing has happened, the male has been assessed and he is at 1 out of 4 on the scale of dangerousness. »

The 40-year-old was released for the first attack and was sentenced to three fines (€300 in total) and to pay the victim €250 for moral damage. Contrary to the requisitions of the prosecutor who had requested the confiscation of the two animals, the court did not withdraw them, but “if the municipal police intervene again, warned the president, your dogs will be confiscated”.

Sentenced to prison by the court of Tulle (Corrèze) for domestic violence


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