in Chabanon, a restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy due to the cost of energy

Le Chab’ restaurant is now threatened with closure due to the cost of energy. The co-manager has already put the establishment up for sale to pay off its debts.

“It dooms us.” In Chabanon, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, businesses are hit hard by the rise in energy prices.

The restaurant Le Chab’, established for several years in this resort in the Vallée de la Blanche, is now threatened with bankruptcy.

“If we open, we die for four months”

The co-manager of the establishment can no longer pay the electricity bills, with a price per kilowatt/h now multiplied by seven.

“In a month, we will pay what we paid in a year. Or even more”, laments Morgan Marano at the microphone of BFM DICI. “We saw with the accountant, it’s impossible.”

The only alternative would be to increase the prices of food and drinks in his restaurant, but Morgan Marano does not imagine multiplying his prices by three. At this point, he’s not even sure he’ll be able to open his establishment this winter.

“If we don’t open, we sink, we close, we die. If we open, we die for four months, because the EDF charge will be greater than the cash we need.”

“We know that we risk being ruined”

But if it opens this winter, its terrace, which can normally accommodate up to 300 seats, will likely have to remain closed. This also means reducing its staff.

“We went up to 14 people in some years. And there I said that if we opened the bar, we would be two, three.”

Solutions that would be far from sufficient to allow it to be profitable this winter. The restaurateur can imagine all the possible scenarios, he cannot find a solution.

“We can’t sleep any more, because we know we risk being ruined. Ruined for a bill.”

After two years disrupted by the Covid, this energy crisis is a real coup de grace for the establishment. Morgan Marano has already put it up for sale to pay off its debts.

Ugo Marseille with Laurène Rocheteau

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