In Callac, the firefighter’s car devoured by a dog, the night of Halloween – Guingamp

On Halloween night, the Callac firefighters play the Loup-Garou board game to pass the time. In the early morning, a team leaves in intervention. On his return, around 9 a.m., Tuesday, November 1, one of the firefighters went to his car, parked at the barracks, and found it completely ransacked at the level of the front wing and the bumper, left side.

Warned, the gendarmes proceed to the first observations. The traces of paws, hair and drool found on the spot, added to the barking heard by the neighbors, leave no room for doubt: it was a large dog that devoured the body of the car.

A marten under the hood

After the departure of the gendarmes, the firefighters, who wonder about what could have justified this surge of rage, open the hood of the vehicle. “There was a marten inside, a beast well known for wreaking havoc in henhouses in the countryside,” says the volunteer firefighter.

Insured to the third party, his insurance will not cover the damage. “The only solution for me to be compensated is to find the dog who did this, and to get the owners’ insurance to work. Or else I launch a pot, because my story is starting to be famous in Callac! jokes the embarrassed firefighter.

The Callac gendarmerie is investigating.

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