In Caix, a municipal decree against barking dogs

The dogs in this eastern Samarian village no longer have the right to disturb the neighborhood with their barking. The town hall has issued an order.

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Caix, just over 760 inhabitants, but also dogs. And since November 7, a municipal decree has shaken up the daily lives of the latter.

Because following ”
numerous complaints from citizens on a regular basis
“, the mayor of this village in the east of the Somme, Sabine Scribe, tries to regulate the noise emitted by these four-legged animals.

“Avoid neighborhood problems”

The inhabitants come to the town hall to report barking, during the day, inopportune. We have therefore decided to make this decree not to sanction, verbalize, but to raise awareness
“says Sabine Scribe. She continues: “
It’s prevention, nothing more. The goal is also to meet the demand of the inhabitants, to find peaceful solutions to avoid having neighborhood problems. The goal is not to get the police to intervene but to be able to settle things like adults.
“. According to her “
I am not procedural otherwise we would verbalize every day in Caix!


But what can be done to ensure that dogs no longer, or finally less, use their vocal cords? Complicated. ”
I have nothing to recommend, there are laws that exist, it’s not up to me to tell people what they should do. Everyone is master of their animal, it is up to them to manage them. We’re not going to lie to each other, a dog barking all day is not normal
she says.

A decree which, as assured by the councilor of this village of Santerre, is therefore a simple warning. This is not the first time that the municipality of Caix intends to fight against noise. Last year, an order was issued for ”
limit the nuisance of work in private residences
concludes Sabine Scribe.

In Oise, in Feuquières, an order targeting dogs and their masters was taken in 2019. A decision that an animal rights association had threatened to take to court. In September 2021, it was the turn of the Samarian town of Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle (near Gamaches), to follow. But the municipality ensures that in the viewfinder of this decree, no owner is particularly targeted, that it intends to bring civic-mindedness in a general way.

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