In Brittany, Marie-Thérèse and her dog Nouk live together in a retirement home

Marie-Thérèse Le Clec’h and her dog Nouk, a 14-year-old Breton spaniel, have been living together in the Keranno service residence, in Graces, near Guingamp (Côtes-d’Armor), for almost two years. ©Fanch Le Pivert

The retirement home of Kerannoat Gracesclose to Guingamp (Cotes-d’Armor), welcomes the elders with their pets.

This is the case of Marie-Thérèse Le Clec’h who lives there with her dog. The establishment relies heavily on furry or feathered animals to reinforce the social link and the welfare. Here, they are at home.

Marie-Thérèse and Nouk, inseparable for 14 years

Marie-Thérèse and Nouk, her Breton spaniel, entered the Keranno service residence in January 2021. They have been inseparable for 14 years.

I had him when I was little and he was always by my side. I assure you that I would not have come here without him”, smiles the lady, in a soft voice. “It is very important to me, essential even. He’s my companion, with him, I never feel like I’m alone

Marie-Therese Le Clec’h

Sitting on a bench, in a living room of the residence, Marie-Thérèse caresses Nouk lying at her feet, speaks to her with tenderness.

“He’s grown a lot since we’ve been together, maybe a little bigger too. It’s probably because I give him too much kibble, he’s very greedy,” observes the resident who shares her studio in Keranno with the spaniel, as she did before at her home in Ploumagoar, a few kilometers away.

“Nouk is nice as hell and gets along with everyone,” she smiles. “His presence also allows me to get to know others, it’s easier. »

Lucette and Simone, two French bulldogs

In Keranno, everyone knows who Marie-Thérèse is: she is the lady who walks with her dog in the corridors and in the park.

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Nouk is not the only dog ​​living in the residence. We meet Lucette and Simone, two French bulldogs, who belong to Marie, an employee of the establishment. “My dog ​​also comes every day. Like the others, she comes and goes freely in the corridors,” says Florian Berthelotco-director of Keranno (with his sister Sonia) since its opening in 2013.

Everything is going well, pets are accepted provided they are well behaved, clean and sociable. The residence is large enough so that there is no problem of cohabitation

Florian Berthelot

Currently, Marie-Thérèse Le Clec’h is the only resident living with her pet.

“In the past, we have had many others, people with dogs, cats, birds, including a parrot”, continues the co-director of the establishment which has 92 residents and around forty employees.

Dogs, cats and even chickens

“Recently, another person arrived with his three hens, but there, we put them in the animal park, outside”, specifies Florian Berthelot.

Keranno welcomes their residents’ pets, depending on their ability to care for them. Like other establishments, Ehpad or retirement homes do it.

Ehpad: are pets accepted?

Today, not all residential facilities for the elderly welcome pets. It is up to everyone to accept or refuse the pet of a new boarder.

These companions should not be a burden on the staff. That said, we accept them even if the residents have a little trouble taking care of them.

Florian Berthelot

If Keranno works like this, it’s because she understood the benefits that animals could bring. “It’s quite a change to leave your home to come and live in a residence, you have to support the person to put them in the best possible conditions. Keeping your pet allows you to have landmarks, to keep traces of your past. This is all the more true when the family is far away,” notes Florian Berthelot.

kerannon graces
Near the animal park of the Keranno residence, in Graces, near Guingamp (Côtes-d’Armor), the co-director Florian Berthelot, surrounded by Françoise and Agathe, two employees of the establishment. ©Fanch Le Pivert

The other animals of the residence

Many other animals live in Keranno. Here, everyone finds their place.

At the back of the establishment, a park with free access presents alpacas, goats and chickens. In the residence, 200 multicolored fish swim in a giant 6,000 liter aquarium.

In addition, the residence offers animal mediation every week, provided by Mélinda Le Gall, from Mel & Cie Médiation Animale, a professional who comes with many animals (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, etc.) . Each time, about fifteen residents take part.

This has a strong impact on their well-being, on their behavior. Many of our residents lived in the countryside, we read in their eyes the pleasure of having contact with animals, “concludes Florian Berthelot.

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