In Bourges, the P’tit Voli immerses itself in the Grand Meal of collective catering

Le P’tit Voli, the collective restaurant of Tivoli Initiatives in Bourges, is taking part in the Grand Meal on Thursday.

Organized by the association of the same name and sponsored by French starred chef Mory Sacko, the event has three goals: Gourmet dining at low prices, promote collective catering, promote local products and short circuits.

The Big Meal comes to Tivoli Initiatives on October 21

Created by Tourangeau Ambroise Voreux (also a candidate for Top Chef 2022), the menu is the same for the entire Centre-Val de Loire region: fresh goat cheese aspic with fish, braised veal with bisque and mashed potatoes and parsnips, Tomme de Touraine panna cotta, roasted apple with fennel caramel.

Exceptionally Thursday on reservation

“By participating, we let it be known that we cook every day and for everyone. We are not a company restaurant, emphasizes Julien Legros, chef at Le P’tit Voli. There exceptionally Thursday, it is on reservation. This is not usually the case. »

Surprised by the success of the operation last year, the chef has this time extended the gauge to 200 covers.

Le P’tit Voli organizes three or four events a year, to make itself known: themed menus every third Thursday of the monthan improved meal for Christmas…

Marie-Claire Raymond

Practice. Thursday October 20. Price: €12.50. Reservation until Tuesday, October 18, noon, at Le P’tit Voli is open Monday to Friday, from 11:45 a.m.
at 1:15 p.m.


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