In Bordeaux, this new restaurant offers original burgers without ground beef

The pulled beef burger is a customer favorite. (© / Nicolas Gosselin)

“Bye bye ground beef, hello shredded! » The slogan is clear: Bunami don’t want to be a umpteenth burger restaurant within the French capital of fast food but intends to do well in a hyper-competitive market thanks to an original concept.

Open since October 13, 2022, in the heart of the very busy rue des Trois Conils in Bordeaux, the establishment of Audrey Claudin and Manon Debarle only offers à la carte only shredded meat “à la française” in its buns (not forgetting the vegetarian version with aubergine or the hake fillet burger – both shredded).

“Not to do something that already existed”

“We wanted to open a gourmet restaurant, in keeping with the times, but it was out of the question to do something that already existed”balances Manon Debarle, who met her partner on the benches of the Institut Paul Bocuse, the hotel school located near Lyon, where the two young women took a degree in hotel, catering and hotel management. culinary arts.

If their paths then separated, they remained very close. Audrey left for the United States, where she is from, to take on responsibilities within the Sofitel hotel group. Manon, she returned to Martinique where she was first assistant to the director of an independent hotel group.

Manon Debarle and Audrey Claudin (from left to right) opened the Bunami restaurant in Bordeaux on October 13, 2022.
Manon Debarle and Audrey Claudin (from left to right) opened the Bunami restaurant in Bordeaux on October 13, 2022. (© / Nicolas Gosselin)

But the two dreamed of undertaking. The first wanted to open a cocktail bar in Bordeaux. The second had a project for a guesthouse-restaurant on her island in the West Indies. How did they end up creating Bunami together? Yes, the question is bothering you…

No smokehouse but French cooking

Let’s go back two or three years. At that time, their two projects fell apart for personal reasons. One day, Manon invites some friends to her house and gets it into her head to prepare some pulled pork sandwichcooking homemade bread with pulled pork.

” Normally, Americans cook the meat on the barbecue or in a smokehouse but i didn’t have that I did it my way, in the oven. Everyone loved it! A friend told me: “I’ll buy that for you without any problem for 15 euros! “It made me tilt, I called Audrey directly to talk to her about the project,” smiles Manon.

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The restaurant has 23 seats inside.
The restaurant has 23 seats inside. (© / Nicolas Gosselin)

The two women agree on the idea of ​​making the pulled meat the signature of their future restaurant – “some restaurants offer it in Bordeaux but it’s drowning in the menu” – and to replace the American-style smokehouse for French-style cooking, in a casserole dish in the oven. “Long cooking, at low temperature and simmering”describe the managers.

Inspiration from around the world

We are talking about 12 hours for pork, 11 hours for lamb or 10 hours for beef. It’s half as much for the chicken. “And we draw inspiration from the countries where we have traveled for spices and assortments,” adds Manon.

Thus, the lamb is combined with oriental flavors such as harissa or ras el-hanout. The beef is cooked in red wine in a beef bourguignon style and is accompanied by a revisited Béarnaise sauce. For the chicken, there are condiments from Asian cuisine such as ginger, coriander, lemongrass or nuoc man & soy sauce. For the pork, we keep the original inspiration made in the USA.

The pulled pork sandwich at 11 euros

For the moment, we have to believe that the recipes are popular. ” We have good feedback with 5 stars on Google on our first 50 reviews and we have a lot of customers who come back or bring people back to us. We already have good loyalty, ”say the two managers of Bunami, which can accommodate 23 customers inside and 6 people on the terrace.

To taste frayed French style, you have to count between 11 and 14.50 euros per burger (without fries or side dish). A lunch formula (burger-drink-sautéed potatoes or dessert) is offered at 15 euros.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Available for delivery on the Blackbird, Uber Eats or Deliveroo platforms.

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