“I just made a scandal!” : Isabelle Mergault explodes, she was the victim of “a real scam”!

When Isabelle Mergault is not happy, she lets it be known! Indeed, Isabelle Mergault has always said out loud what some think quietly. This time, the actress took her Twitter account to share his anger. The reason for his dissatisfaction: a meal in a restaurant, located in La-Trinité-sur-Mer, in Morbihan. However, on Google, this restaurant has very good comments. Netizens remain confused. We tell you everything about his rant.

Isabelle Mergault pushes a rant

On Wednesday August 24, 2022, the famous 64-year-old actress tweeted a review. Indeed, on this tweet, she shares the very bad experience whom she says she lived in a restaurant. And his great dissatisfaction, the one we are used to hearing from the Big Heads band on RTL, made it clear. What Isabelle Mergault didn’t appreciate at all: a completely useless passage in a restaurant in La-Trinité-sur-Merin Morbihan, which she describes as a scam.

And the mother of two daughters, including Maya, who joined her life in 2010, did not miss criticize the establishment by naming it openly. ” So the restaurant L’Azimut in La-Trinité-sur-Mer is a REAL scam!!!! Hyper expensive, nothing to eat, they’re really going crazy. To flee!!! SCAM!! I just made a scandal! », she announced on Twitter. But the actress and director didn’t stop her criticism of the restaurant there.

She continues her criticism of the restaurant

Receiving numerous responses from Internet users defending the restaurant, she continued his rant. The restaurant has a 4.5/5 via reviews on Google, but that hasn’t stopped Isabelle Mergault from continuing her review. ” Go on ask for a tournedos!!! You will not be disappointed!! », she replied to a confused internet user. ” So much better for you. I asked for a tournedos, I was served three kinds of meat fries there was not 100g of meat for 28€!! »she continues, adding details of her experience.

” They make you frills of appetizers that do not amuse any mouth. Then, an hour of waiting for a ridiculous dish!!!! », she said, thus adding yet another layer to her critique. And Isabelle Mergault, who therefore has no not his tongue in his pocket, claims not to be one of the people who make a scene for nothing. ” I specifies that in my life, I have not caused a scandal in a restaurant”.

Julien Courbet’s answer

And if there is indeed a person who has not been insensitive to the scam experienced by Isabelle Mergault, we can therefore see a comment from someone who excels in the field: Julien Courbet. The famous animator, who defends consumers on his show It can happen to you broadcast on RTL and M6. “Isabelle, you’re stealing my job, replied the great specialist in scams. A message that has therefore did not fail to make Isabelle Mergault laugh after his bad experience:Haha!! Kisses Julian! ».

The restaurant openly criticized by the actress did not respond to this bad publicity... A strong anger for Isabelle Mergault who did not appreciate her meal in this restaurant located in Morbihan. Hopefully his next restaurant experience will be better.

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