Huawei banned from the United States by the FCC? –

The FCC is reportedly about to pass new bans on Huawei. According to certain rumors, the sanctions afflicted with the Chinese manufacturer for several years now could still harden according to certain sources close to the members of the FCC.

A quick reminder of this saga, or rather this American offensive against the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which has been raging for several years. The story began in 2018 and took shape in early 2019 when, under the presidency of Donald Trump, the Americans decided to blacklist Huawei for state security reasons. Since then, the constraints have increased for Huawei, which has had to resell Honor and also face the absence of commercial negotiations with any American company. This greatly reduced its possibilities, especially in the smartphone segment.

Huawei products prohibited from sale in the United States.

So, the rumors about the new regulations vis-à-vis Huawei would relate to the sale of its devices on American soil. In fact, the FCC intends to pass a law, a first of its kind in the USA, which would prohibit the sale of Huawei devices for security reasons on its territory. But not all of the brand’s devices.

Indeed, according to these rumors, the ban would only apply to sales of new equipment, which means that Huawei would still be able to sell equipment already approved by the FCC.

However, any other product could therefore no longer be marketed. However, for a while, Huawei has not received licenses from the FCC following announcements made by the Americans who announced that Huawei equipment (especially for 5G) was infiltrated by the Chinese government and that it was collecting valuable information on said equipment.

Huawei is not the only company affected.

It should be noted in passing that following these conclusions, a law was also passed which prohibits the FCC from granting licenses to radio equipment manufactured by companies considered to be threats to national security. Huawei is not the only company to be impacted by this law.

A new blow therefore for Huawei which sees the American market becoming less and less prolific.

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