how to take advantage of potatoes for your health?

What, starches? But it makes you fat : impossible to eat when you want to lose weight or maintain your healthy weight! However, potatoes have incredible virtues and are therefore very good for health. So, how to take the best from them, while keeping the worst, off your plate: that’s what we see today.

A food that is not fattening in itself:

When you are content to cook a potato, you are assured of consume no fat, no cholesterol and it is also a food that is low in sodium (i.e. in salt).

The potato: a starch full of qualities:

By consuming it, you are full of fiberwhich allows you to protect you against bad cholesterol, but also avoids you heart disease. It is the resistant starch they contain that allows this. To increase this rate, it is better to cook the potatoes the day before, keep them in the fridge and reheat them the next day.

With a good level of antioxidantsespecially when they are very colorful, the ones we affectionately call potatoesensure the good health of our cells.

In addition, as a starch, they bring energy and satiate us very quickly when we eat it.

Why do they have such a bad reputation, then?

Quite simply because we rarely eat them steamed or boiled and peeled!

As the potato lends itself to many recipes, each tastier than the otherwe accompany them with sauce, cheese, we cook them with frying oil to turn them into fries.

And it is all these additions that make it a fattening product. It is up to us to take advantage of its benefits without transforming it (too much).

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