How to make cold noodle salad?

Like the essential homemade fried noodles, the noodle salad is infinitely customizable, but only much fresher and lighter. As a bonus, you can even prepare the latter in large quantities beforehand, and keep it for a few days in the fridge.

How to make cold noodle salad?


There are different types of noodles that lend themselves to the preparation of salads, recognizable by their size, composition or color. Egg noodles, for example, which are thinner and yellow in color, are among the most used in cooking. One can also opt for the flat-shaped rice noodles, which are lighter and easy to defer.

The garnish

Once the noodles have been chosen and prepared according to the instructions on the packaging, all that remains is to season and garnish them as desired. As always, we rely on seasonal foods to bring flavors, vitamins, colors and juice to our cold noodles. Cut into small pieces or julienne, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes or carrots before sliding everything into a bowl containing Asian pasta. Obviously, it is impossible to mention noodles without mentioning the foods and flagship products imported from this region of the world such as bean sprouts, edamame beans, bean sprouts or sesame seeds. Widely used throughout Asia, ginger will enhance the taste of your salad in no time, in addition to its exceptional nutritional qualities. As for herbs and plants, it is once again according to everyone’s taste. Many recipes include very green mint leaves, which instantly refresh your palate, but also coriander or parsley. As a source of protein, again, the choice is vast between tofu, fish, chicken, beef or pork. To top it all off, drizzle your bowl with a sauce of your choice such as the legendary soy sauce, sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, or even a homemade peanut butter sauce.

To be continued: 10 cold noodle recipes that taste great.

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