how to get rid of it once and for all?

From the first days of spring, they seem to come out of nowhere. But it is especially during the summer that they tend to seriously annoy us by buzzing at our ear and land wherever they smell food: these are the flies. Real nests of microbes and above all likely to lay on our foodit sometimes becomes useful to get rid of it when you are invaded.

The fly in a nutshell:

They carry many bacteria and like a lot of smells, even…pestilential ones. It is for this reason that they do not really distinguish between our dog’s poop and our beautiful ripe fruit.

In summer, with the heat, they tend to multiply and this is normal: each female can lay up to 600 eggs.

How to fight against fly infestations?

With global warming, it is no longer rare to find flies even in the cold season, even if it is still rare, but it is especially at From the spring and the arrival of the heat that we notice their presence.

Sure, there are insecticides who specialize in flying insects, including flies, but with their strong smell and especially toxic ingredients for healththey should be avoided.

Before you even think about killing them, why not stop them from coming home?

It is certain that when the weather is good, we want to open doors and windows, like an invitation to the flies.

As a first step, of course, we can put mosquito nets on our joineryto prevent them from returning. To make yourself or with cuttable modelsit’s easy to find them at a good price for standard-size doors and windows. The door curtains (made of wooden beads, etc.), are relatively effective only if they are very tight, which represents a higher purchase cost.

Knowing that it is the smells of food but also of our garbage cans that attract themit is up to you to do everything so that your interior is not of interest to them.

Prefer small capacity garbage bags to be taken down every day and above all put a protection on your fresh fruit bowl.

Natural methods to no longer have flies at home:

  • Different essential oils have the power to repel flies, because the latter do not like their smell. This will be the case for the HEs of basil, lemongrass (it also works for mosquitoes), peppermint or lavender. A few drops are enough for an effective action. Once mixed with water, the mixture is sprayed around the edges of windows and doors.
  • As we can have intolerances to essential oils, it is possible to opt for another equally natural solution: plants. We find the same ideas as above with the basil, lavender or lemon geranium. These pots are to be placed on the windowsill. In addition to being practical for keeping flies away, you have a prettier and more fragrant exterior of your house or apartment.
  • The plants are too high maintenance and you don’t cook, which makes the use of basil unnecessary? Never mind, we still have other grandmother’s remedies to overcome flies and this, with everyday products. So get out of your cupboards baking soda mixed with water and spray all over your home. Cut in half an orange, a lemon or an onion and prick with cloves. To be renewed approximately every three days, this solution is a proven trick for flies to take up residence elsewhere.

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