How the Quick fast-food chain is preparing for its big comeback near Toulouse

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The fast-food chain had almost disappeared from the Toulouse landscape. Quick is now preparing his return. On December 15, a new restaurant will open in Roques.

The building is still under construction. Very close to the Roques shopping center, at 8 allée de Fraixinet, Quick is preparing its big comeback. Medhi Smaïne, franchisee of the fast-food chain in the Occitanie region, does not hide his enthusiasm: “The inhabitants of Toulouse and its suburbs will be able to find our iconic products. They missed our unique taste. »

In recent years, Quick had gradually disappeared from the Toulouse landscape. Of the 12 restaurants, only one remains, nestled at the entrance to the Basso-Cambo shopping center. “Several years ago, Quick took a turn. The fast-food chain has innovated by offering halal meat. But Quick does not target any community in particular, warns Medhi Smaïne. Simply by the population of the Grand-Mirail, this restaurant has flourished. »

The Burger-King brand, which bought the Quick network in 2015, has taken over the locations of many restaurants to set up its own. In France, Quick went from 400 to 100 points of sale.

The reconquest of Toulouse

After its decline, the fast-food chain wants to regain its greatness. The takeover of Quick by HIG Capital in August 2021 relaunched the machine. “The objective is to win back Toulouse. We are not starting from scratch. Quick is a brand that has existed for 40 years. People have not forgotten us, ”wants to believe the franchisee of the fast-food brand in the Occitanie region.

On December 15, his restaurant in Roques will open its doors. “Our customers will find our classics and some new ones. We will offer top-of-the-range hamburgers”, rejoices the businessman who is also betting on the halal business, “without making it our trademark”.

Positions to be filled

More than a month from the opening, the fast food teams are not yet complete. Of the 70 employees needed to run the restaurant, managerial or team positions are still to be filled. “All applications are to be found at the Pôle Emploi in Portet-sur-Garonne”, specifies Medhi Smaïne.

This openness whets the franchisee’s appetite. If for the moment he has no plans to set up other restaurants in the Toulouse suburbs, the businessman has “giant” ambitions for the development of the Quick network.

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