How Sodern wants to boost its sales of star sights in the United States

For Sodern, the US starfinder market was far too bright not to attempt a deft business approach. This is the meaning of the partnership that the French SME signed on Monday with the American Redwire, one of the leaders in space infrastructure for the next-generation space economy, after 18 months of discussions to conquer the vast US military space market.

The ArianeGroup subsidiary will supply the optical heads for future Eagle Eye starfinders based on Hydra technology. For its part, Redwire will manufacture the electronic boxes and develop the algorithms based on Sodern’s recommendations. Then he will assemble everything in his production plant in Marlborough (Massachusetts), and, finally, will sell the starfinders to the great prime contractors of the American space sector (Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin…).

“These star sights will be manufactured by the American defense industrial and technological base,” assured La Tribune the deputy general manager of Sodern Vincent Dedieu, who signed this agreement on Monday with the CEO of Redwire Peter Cannito, during the World Satellite Business Week space conference in Paris.

A partnership that escapes ITAR

Result, Eagle Eye will be well stamped by the essential ” Buy American Act, which will gradually become mandatory for all foreign companies that want to sell to the US Department of Defense (DoD). Eventually, Vincent Dedieu wishes to increase sales of the star finder activity (more than 30 million euros in turnover), ” more than 50% » thanks to sales made in the United States via Redwire, which achieved $137.6 million in revenue in 2021.

A win-win partnership for both companies. ” Eagle Eye combines the best of both companies to provide U.S. customers, including the national security industry, with Sodern’s high-performance technology made in the U.S. at a Redwire facility.”, said Peter Cannito. This transfer of technologies controlled by Sodern, which is one of the key players in French deterrence, allows this SME to escape the American extraterritorial regulations ITAR, affirmed to La Tribune Vincent Dedieu, who regularly informed the State French for the negotiations on this partnership.