how she tries to rebuild herself far from the United States

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp for defamation had a very strong impact on the actress who decided to move away from Hollywood to breathe a little before the second round.

Between the unpacking of her private life in the public square and in front of the cameras, the excitement of social networks and the length of the debates, the year has not been easy for the American actress. Amber Heard therefore decided to take some distance from the hills and the Hollywood industry to take a break before the appeal trial.

Amber Heard found refuge in Palma de Mallorca

It is the American magazine TMZ which gives news of the ex-wife of Johnny Depp. According to the media, Amber Heard jumped on a plane in June, as soon as the trial ended, to go to Spain, and disappeared from radar since then.. On September 29, the young mother of Oonagh Paige resurfaced, alongside her barely one-year-old daughter and her friend Bianca Butti. TMZ was unable to specify whether it was a simple vacation or a permanent installation of the actress who is totally ruined after her conviction by the Fairfax court to pay Johnny Depp more than 8.3 million euros, not including his own legal costs, which amount to 15 million euros.

If Johnny Depp seems to have come back into favor with Hollywood, between his tour with Jeff Beck, his new love affair with his lawyer and new film projects, Amber Heard prepares to return to battle. Indeed, having appealed the decision, which Johnny Depp also did, the 36-year-old actress therefore takes a break before (…)


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