how a brewery became a “dark kitchen”

Gaïa for pita sandwiches, Como kitchen for healthy Mediterranean cuisine, Dingueriz for dishes designed around rice, but also Coquillettes for pasta or JFK Burgers: all these brands have in common that they are virtual restaurants, created by the French start-up Not so Dark ( read elsewhere ), which have the same address, very real, in Dijon.

It’s in the kitchens of the former bar-brasserie Crazy , 17 rue de Gray, which are assembled the different dishes, offered only in delivery. The room is cluttered with boxes. Sylvie Lanet, the boss, closed her establishment to now only work with the Uber Eats and Deliveroo platforms. Become a dark kitchen saved her, she says.

“At the start of the school year, we did not reopen”

“Since September, we have completely ceased our activity on site. There was the Covid, people no longer live as before, with telework in particular… Habits have been lost, like coming to drink…

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