His sick dog can no longer accompany him on a hike, but he refuses to let him sink without a fight

Nothing stopped Zeus, a German Shepherd with boundless activity and vitality. Nothing except the disease recently diagnosed and which put an end to the adventures he was living with his owner. The latter, however, intends to do everything to help him recover.

Daniel Enmarch29 years old, lives Newport in the Shropshire (West of England). A former soldier, he returned from Afghanistan strongly scarred in 2014. I suffered from anxietyhe tells the Shropshire Star. I was very affected mentally. You go from a daily routine to dead calm at home “.

Soon after, he adopted a young German Shepherd, whom he named Zeus. Very quickly, a very strong complicity was created between them. The duo began to chain hikes all over the United Kingdom. The dog and his handler even traveled to Germany, among other trips.

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Trips that Daniel Enmarch documented in photos, which he posted on instagram. On the social network, the quadruped and its owner are followed by 48,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, for several weeks, Zeus can no longer take part in these adventures. In mid-October, the former soldier learned that his dog was suffering from myasthenia gravis, an illness because of which he could no longer walk or even lift his head.

The news was hard to accept for Daniel Enmarch and his companion. It was terrible for the 7-year-old German Shepherd, who suddenly found himself immobilized when he was so active and energetic.

However, the veterinarians gave the couple some hope by prescribing treatment. The latter brought significant improvements; Zeus can now take a few steps.

There is still a long way to go and the fight has only just begun. Daniel Enmarch promised himself to do everything to help him resume a life as close as possible to the one he Zeus knew.

“I remain hopeful that one day he can fully recover”

The progress is there and the dream is allowed. ” I remain hopeful that one day he can make a full recovery. There is hope for a remission, but the journey is long and not without danger », says Daniel Enmarch. One of these risks is that associated with megaesophagus, an excessive dilation of the esophagus preventing the passage of food to the dog’s stomach.

The couple adapts and fights daily so that Zeus keep moving forward. A kitty has been opened to help finance the expensive care of the canine. ” I have already been overwhelmed by how people have reacted to it and it made me realize how much of an impact we have had on them over the years “, he confides.

Some time before the terrible diagnosis, Daniel Enmarch and his partner had adopted another German Shepherd, a puppy called Thor. Since the immobilization of Zeus, his young congener, somewhat turbulent, has calmed down a lot and even started to comfort his eldest. Both get along wonderfully. ” I hope one day to see them running and playing on a field concludes their owner.

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