his lawyer reacts after his press release

Le Canard enchaîné revealed on Tuesday that a handrail had been filed by the wife of Adrien Quatennens. Under pressure, the deputy from the North announced his withdrawal from his duties as coordinator of LFI.

If Adrien Quatennens recognizes several disputes with his wife, his lawyer invites not to draw conclusions on the judicial level from the press release published this Sunday by the deputy from the North. In this text, the number 2 of La France insoumise announces his withdrawal from his functions as coordinator of the movement and notably acknowledges having slapped his wife, with whom he is in the process of divorcing.

“The public, courageous and exemplary recognition by Adrien Quatennens of facts which relate to his private life, does not in any way constitute recognition of the commission of an offense”, comments his lawyer, Me Jade Dousselin, in a press release.

“He remains presumed innocent”

“Adrien Quatennens remains presumed innocent, and will reserve all contextual explanations for justice, the only one empowered to judge a man, if it were to decide to hear him”, reacts his advice. “The assumptions around Adrien Quatennens’ guilt are therefore, today, purely hazardous.”

The chained Duck revealed on Tuesday that a handrail had been filed by the wife of Adrien Quatennens and sent to the public prosecutor. “I can only wish, in the future, that all the handrails deposited in all the police stations of France will be the object of such listening, and such treatment, and with such speed”, concludes the lawyer for the LFI deputy.

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