his lawyer denounces on RTL “a serious failure of the State”

How could an inmate supposed to be so watched be so brutally attacked by a fellow inmate? This is the question that predominates among those close to Yvan Colonna the day after the attack suffered by the Corsican nationalist at the Arles remand center where he has been imprisoned since 2007 and his sentence to life imprisonment for the assassination of the prefect Claude Erignac in 1998.

Guest of Amandine Bégot and Pascal Praud in RTL Midi this Thursday March 3, the lawyer Patrice Spinosi indicates that his client’s condition is “still very serious” and that “the family is still awaiting news from the doctors, in shock”. He denounces “an extremely serious failure of the State” who “failed, according to him, in his obligation to ensure the safety of the detainees”.

At the heart of family questions, the status of “particularly flagged prisoner”or DPS, of Yvan Colonna, which forbade him to be incarcerated in Corsica, as he had been asking for 10 years, and caused him to be subject to increased surveillance by the prison administration.

“The DPS status makes it possible to monitor detainees to prevent them from escaping even though there has never been any risk for Yvan Colonna. But when it comes to ensuring the safety of detainees , the guards and the prison administration are no longer there, deplores Patrice Spinosi. It was no problem for anyone to leave two DPS prisoners alone, including a radicalized prisoner, who was able to savagely attack Yvan Colonna without any control of the prison. ‘administration”.

According to the latest elements of the investigation, Yvan Colonna was attacked by a 36-year-old Cameroonian jihadist detainee while they were on Wednesday in the weight room of the central house in Arles. The Corsican nationalist was the victim of strangulation with his bare hands by his fellow prisoner, arrested in Afghanistan and sentenced to nine years in prison for criminal association with terrorists.

The administration denies any failure

Another RTL Midi guest, a representative of the UFAP-UNSa Justice union from the Arles remand center minimized the responsibility of the prison administration by explaining that the status of DPS did not mean total surveillance as is the case for prisoners in solitary confinement.

“There are between three and five out of 130 prisoners in the Arles remand center. These are prisoners who are in a position to present a high risk of escape, media or subject to psychiatric disorders. This involves rounds more regular, more in-depth searches, cells in front of the watchtowers, a change of cell every six months and checks on connections. not to be confused with the isolation ward, where prisoners are deprived of contact with the rest of the prison population“, he pointed out.

The representative also confirmed that Yvan Colonna and his attacker were not directly monitored when the events occurred on Wednesday. “The room where inmates do their weight training is limited in number but ithere is no staff physically present only for two detainees“, he said, rejecting any accusation of failure.

“You have two detainees in a room under video surveillance, staff are present in the structure. In an ideal world, you would have one prisoner for one supervisor.. This is not the case”, he said. According to him, the supervisors could not have been alerted by the cries of Yvan Colonna because his attacker, who was strangling him, is “someone from who has been in the war, a soldier who knows how to fight and who is driven to kill”. delivered immediately.

Yvan Colonna’s family will file a complaint

These explanations did not convince Yvan Colonna’s lawyer, who said that the nationalist’s family would soon file a complaint against those who appear to be the two responsible in his eyes, his attacker and the State, “which failed to his safety”.

“We are trying to understand. Why could there have been an abandonment of supervisors in the gymnasium? Why so long? The supervisors claim that they intervened immediately but it seems fine, according to the images seen by some journalists, that there was a beating, as Yvan Colonna’s condition demonstrates,” he said.

According to him, this attack would not have taken place “if he had been incarcerated elsewhere”. “It has been ten years since he has been asking for rapprochement in Corsica with his family.” but “it has always been refused to him, for essentially political reasons”.

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